Two serious pet illnesses that you must know about

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Do you know what are the two serious illnesses that affect older dogs and cats in America?

Two serious pet illnesses that you must know about

Cancer: Slightly less than half of all dogs in the US older than ten years die because of cancer. Lymphoma or cancer of a kind of white blood cell called lymphocyte is the commonest kind of cancer seen in dogs. In lymphoma, there is a abnormal rise in the number of lymphocytes. The breeds most at risk of suffering from lymphoma are boxers, Basset hounds, and Rottweilers.

Obesity: As much as 25-40% of all cats and dogs in the United States suffer from obesity. With 67 million dogs and 77 million cats in the US, the number of obese cats and dogs is significantly large. The question is, is your cat or dog obese?

If so, it is inevitable that your pets may suffer from diabetes, and heart and joint diseases! unless you take corrective steps immediately to start your pets on a regular pet weight loss plan. Weight loss doesn't happen overnight. It's going to take long months of patient and sustained effort to slowly reverse this loss.

When you have a great pet insurance plan in place that covers obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, joint diseases, pet prescription diets and pet weight loss plans, you can give your pets excellent veterinary care.

1. Tumors of the Immune System.
2.Obese Owners Can Mean Obese Pets.



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