Pet Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase health insurance for my indoor cat?

Can I obtain cat pet insurance if my cat has a pre-existing medical condition?

Aren't all cat health insurance policies pretty much the same?

Isn't it too expensive to insure multiple cats with cat insurance policies?

How can I make sure the online cat health advice I receive is high-quality advice?

Should I have my kitten declawed?

What happens if my kitten gets injured or sick away from home?

Can I find kitten insurance for my new pet?

Why are kittens more susceptible to illness and disease?

What should I look for when I compare cat insurance for insuring my pet?

What kind of limitations do the best pet insurance plans have?

Are there limitations on what is covered for certain dog breeds?

What are my options if my pet is turned down for pet insurance by a pet insurance provider?

Why is pet insurance becoming so popular?

What is a pre-existing condition?

Why do I need pet insurance?

Why should I buy health insurance for my exotic pet?

Can I really find health insurance for my senior pet?

Why is cat dental hygiene so important for my cat?

What happens if my cat suffers a dental emergency?

Can I really brush my cat's teeth at home?

Should I ask my vet for advice on a cat dental insurance plan?

Can my dog suffer dental problems too?

What kind of dental problems might occur in my dog?

What should I look for in a dog dental insurance plan?

Can I add dog dental care to my pet insurance policy?

Does my vet have to use anesthesia for my dog's dental care?

Can I purchase accident insurance for my dog?

I think my dog broke a bone, what should I do?

What can I do about fleas in our home and on our dogs?

Can dogs get allergies too?

Why should I walk my dog regularly?

What should I do if I think my dog ate something poisonous?

Why should I take my dog to the vet immediately if he seems ill?

Why do trained dogs seem to be healthier?

Why do I need puppy insurance?

Do some employers really offer pet insurance as an additional workplace benefit incentive?

Can I still find a pet insurance policy for my older pet?

What additional benefits do some pet insurance companies offer?

Where can I find pet insurance benefits for my exotic pets?

Do you have some facts about pet insurance?

Can I use the veterinarian I'm currently seeing with most pet insurance plans?

Isn't pet health insurance extremely expensive?

Can I receive a discount on my pet insurance policy if my pet is an indoor only pet?

Are there some pets that simply aren't covered by a pet insurance policy?

How can not having pet care insurance change the life of my pet?

What kind of service charges should I watch out for when I shop for pet care insurance?

Why do pet care insurance costs seem to vary so much?

What should I look for when I compare pet insurance care policies?

What kind of discounts to many pet care insurance companies offer to lower the cost of insurance?

What kind of riders can I get for my pet health care plan, and what do they cost?

I rent my home. Can I find a pet health care plan for my needs?

Can I get quotes before I decide on a pet health care plan?

What new breakthroughs have occurred in pet health care?

How does my cat get tapeworms?

Do indoor pet owners have to worry about heartworms?

What is ringworm in dogs?

Can my dog get tapeworms again after being treated for them?

Can roundworms in dogs be treated effectively?

What are some of the symptoms of worms in dogs?

Do all pet health plans cover ringworm and parasite prevention treatments?

Can indoor cats get worms, too?

How can I prevent worms in my dogs?

How can I possibly afford the cost of up-to-date pet surgery?

How can I prepare my dog for surgery?

Is it common for pets to develop cataracts?

Isn't administering anesthesia to my dog dangerous?

Is knee surgery a common procedure for dogs?

What should I do to help my dog recover from surgery?

What is ACL surgery in dogs?

Will my pet health plan cover the cost of emergency surgery?

What is holistic medicine for pets?

Can dogs get brain tumors?

Can a vet tell without surgery if a cat tumor is benign?

What is a mast cell cat tumor?

Are some dog breeds more susceptible to mast cell tumors?

What's the leading cause of death in dogs and cats?

What can I do if a tumor has metastasized in my dog?

I found a tumor on my dog. Does he have cancer?

What is feline leukemia?

My dog has diabetes, is it serious?

Why should I spay my dog?

Is there really low cost spay and neuter service available?

Where can I find low cost spaying and neutering?

Are there really myths about spaying and neutering your pet?

Why should I neuter my cat?

Why should I spay my indoor cat?

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

What are the benefits of neutering my dog?

What medical conditions does spaying and neutering prevent?

What does a twice-yearly cat exam entail?

What should I tell my vet during my dog exam?

Why should I create a wellness plan for my pet?

What are non-routine pet exams?

Why should my pet have an eye exam?

Why should my cat have a pre-anesthesia exam?

Why should my dog have a dental exam?

What is pre-paid vet insurance?

What is veterinary acupuncture?

Do experts really recommend two vet visits per year?

How do I know if a plan is reputable?

How do I get a quote for pet insurance online?

Is pet insurance expensive?

Is health insurance worth the cost?

How do I file a claim for pet insurance?

How do I tell if my plan is reputable?

Is there insurance coverage for exotic pets?

Can I insure my horse against high vet bills?

How do I choose a reputable pet insurance plan?

How do I know if my pet insurance is reputable?

Your kitten's a very special member of your family isn't it? Does she have a pet insurance plan to protect her?

Do you know how to choose a pet insurance provider that's right for your pet?

What are the dangers of playing catch the flying saucer with your pup?

What are the 4 questions you must ask to confirm that your pet insurance company

Do you know what to look for while choosing a pet insurance plan?

Are you familiar with these 5 terms used in all pet insurance plans?

Pet insurance plan, pet insurance costs, ASPCA, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company,

Are you familiar with the different veterinary surgical procedures your pets may sometimes need to undergo?

Do you know what are the two serious illnesses that affect older dogs and cats in America?

Are you familiar with veterinarian exams and procedures?

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