Pre-existing Conditions in Cats

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Can I obtain cat pet insurance if my cat has a pre-existing medical condition?

Pre-existing Conditions in Cats

Even if your cat has a pre-existing medical condition, you may still be able to obtain cat pet insurance coverage. Many companies require a waiting period of six months for coverage to begin, as long as the cat's condition is balanced and/or under control. Some companies refuse to cover pets with pre-existing or terminal illnesses, so it's a good idea to shop around for the best cat insurance policy that will meet your specific needs. Ask about pre-existing conditions before you obtain a policy. You may need information from your veterinarian too, regarding treatment and control measures. Insuring a pet early in life will help ensure medical conditions are covered if they arise.



5/17/2007 8:02:12 AM
Laurie said:

Thanks for the advice. My cat was diagnosed yesterday with diabetes and I'm not sure if we can afford to pay for her medicines due to the excluded pre-existing conditions in most policies. Still searching for 1 that might offer some help? Laurie


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