Declawing a Kitten

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Should I have my kitten declawed?

Declawing a Kitten

Declawing kittens used to be a very common procedure, especially for indoor cats. However, today declawing is a controversial cat health issue that many cat insurance plans do not cover.

Essentially, declawing removes the cat's claw, but the surgery also amputates the end toe bone joint of each toe. Those who oppose declawing think it is cruel because it is extremely painful. The surgery requires anesthesia, which can be dangerous for some cats, and there have also been cases of excessive bleeding and infection in some instances. Because it is an elective surgery, rather than necessary for health, most kitten insurance policies do not cover the procedure.

If you're considering declawing your cat, talk to your pet insurance provider



2/9/2009 3:53:31 PM
Olivia said:

In many states it's becomeing illegal to declaw cats because it's their defence without it they could not survive. Being that many cats get lost or left behind which is crule


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