A Kitten's Immune System

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Why are kittens more susceptible to illness and disease?

A Kitten's Immune System

While kittens are growing, their immune systems are still maturing and forming, which means they are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. As they mature into adult cats, their nutritional needs change, and so do their bodies. Even after their immune systems mature, young cats are susceptible to accidents, illnesses, and injuries in their daily lives. That's why it's important to think about your kitten's health needs right away. Kittens are more active than older cats, and more susceptible to injuries, and their immature immune systems may not be able to fight off illness and infection as easily as a more mature cat might. Insuring kittens might not seem important, but it's actually the best time to enroll your pet in a lifelong cat health care program.



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