Broken Bones in Dogs

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I think my dog broke a bone, what should I do?

Broken Bones in Dogs

One extremely common accident in dogs is broken bones. Canine bone breaks can happen when a dog falls, has a fight, or gets into a serious accident. Broken bones can be very difficult to spot, and if they are internal bones, they can puncture organs or cause many other difficulties. Often the dog will not walk on a broken leg, and it may swell.

If you know the bone is broken, and emergency splint can help stabilize the bone. Use any type of straight, sturdy device as a splint, just be sure to tie it or tape it gently, so you don't move the broken bone; just stabilize it. Take the dog to the vet immediately for treatment, and don't try to reset the bone yourself. Good dog accident insurance should cover any emergency treatment for broken bones.



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