Service Charges in Pet Insurance Policies

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What kind of service charges should I watch out for when I shop for pet care insurance?

Service Charges in Pet Insurance Policies

Make sure you understand all the costs of your pet care insurance policy. That cheap pet insurance you signed up for on a whim may not be so cheap after all. Some companies charge a service fee if you pay your premium every month instead of annually. Others require annual health care visits for your pet or your policy can lapse. Also, some policies do not include wellness or prescription coverage, and so, you'll need to spend extra to fully cover your pet.

In addition, some policies simply do not cover routine wellness visits to the vet, at any cost. Those will come directly out of your pocket along with any insurance premiums you pay. Be sure to shop around and compare pet care insurance policies before you pick one. Cheap pet insurance may end up costing you more in the long run.



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