Ringworms in Dogs

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What is ringworm in dogs?

Ringworms in Dogs

Ringworm isn't really a worm at all, it's actually a fungus. All animals can get ringworms, including humans. Dogs can get the fungus through open wounds or scratches. The condition shows up as broken or missing areas of hair surrounded by a dark ring or oval. The disease usually occur in young dogs and puppies.

Ringworm can be easily treated, and since it is spread by fungus, the home needs to be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to remove the spores. Most pet health plans cover routine treatment for ringworm, and dog-deworming to prevent parasites, too.

Since dogs can carry the disease without any outward signs, if one dog catches ringworm, it's best to have all your pets tested. Pet health plans should cover the cost of this multiple testing, too.



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