Dog Tapeworms

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Can my dog get tapeworms again after being treated for them?

Dog Tapeworms

Tapeworms are common in dogs, but can go unnoticed by your veterenarian in routine exams. Unfortunately, it's usually pet owners who spot the worms on the outside of their dog's body – and they can be quite disturbing to see.

Tapeworms are easily treated, and most pet health plans cover treatment and prevention of these worms. Treatment is very expensive, so getting a pet health plan early in a dog's life can help defray the costs of worming, if it's necessary.

If the fleas that cause tapeworms aren't removed from the home as well, then a dog can get reinfected very quickly. Pet health plans cover flea treatments and medications, too, which will help defray the costs of eradicating fleas from the area.



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