Worms and Your Cat

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Can indoor cats get worms, too?

Worms and Your Cat

Outdoor cats can be more susceptible to tapeworms and other parasites, as well as a host of other health issues. That's why many pet health plans offer discounts to cat owners who keep their pets indoors.

However, indoor cats can catch worms too, and some types of worms can be very dangerous if they aren't treated. Heartworms are extremely hazardous, and very common in cats. These worms live inside the heart, are very difficult to eradicate, and can lead to heart failure.

The best way to treat cat worms is to give a preventative treatment, such as Heartgard, throughout the year. Some worms are eradicated with just a few treatments, while others are more stubborn. Pet health care companies recognize the danger and expense of treating worms in cats, and that's why they offer coverage to treat these health issues.



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