Preventing Worms in Dogs

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How can I prevent worms in my dogs?

Preventing Worms in Dogs

Intestinal parasites like worms can be treated and prevented by using medications commonly available at most vets. Many vets recommend keeping pets on Heartgard, a heartworm preventative, year-round to keep worms at bay. This is because worms can live just about anywhere, and you can't see them.

Most pet health plans understand that worms can lead to a host of other health problems for dogs and cats, and so they cover the cost of prevention and treatment. In fact, heartworms can be fatal if left untreated. Often, treatment is as simple as giving medication to the pet for several days to eradicate the worms.

Since puppies and kittens can be born with worms, it's a good idea to have all your pets tested periodically. Most pet health plans cover the cost of this preventative, too.



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