The Mast Cell Cat Tumor

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What is a mast cell cat tumor?

The Mast Cell Cat Tumor

Mast cells are cells that normally occur in the body. However, sometimes they grow together in a tumor that can be cancerous or non-cancerous. The most common type of mast cell cat tumors are skin tumors.

Mast cell skin tumors can almost always be removed and cured by surgery. However, mast cell tumors can form in other areas of the body, too. They can also be removed by surgery, but sometimes the prognosis for a long life is not as good with these types of internal tumors.

Check with your pet accident insurance to see what limits (if any) apply to mast cell tumor removal. Many mast cells are much larger than they first appear, so surgery may be more extensive than first thought. Some pet accident insurance companies cap the dollar amounts for surgical treatments and chemotherapy, so be sure to check if your policy contains limits in these areas.



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