Find Low Cost Spaying

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Is there really low cost spay and neuter service available?

Find Low Cost Spaying

Your state may have low cost, or even free, spay or neuter programs that you can use for your pets. Some programs are based on financial need and others will spay and neuter untamed and/or homeless cats. Often, rescue or humane organizations will offer low cost spay and neuter alternatives, too.

Many vets offer discounts for multiple pets, or discounts for multiple services performed on one pet, such as spay, neuter, and another procedure such as vaccination or teeth cleaning.

Finally, if you adopt a pet from a local shelter or humane society, they may offer you discount coupons to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered. Your local SPCA may offer pets for adoption that have already been spayed or neutered. There are many ways to find low cost spay alternatives, check your local area to see what's available there.



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