Consider pet insurance for your horse

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Can I insure my horse against high vet bills?

Consider pet insurance for your horse

Many pet insurance health plans are now expanding coverage for more unusual pets. For example, many people grew up loving horses and keep them as pets. While they require special care and living conditions, raising a horse can be a fun and rewarding experience.
But, horses can also get sick or have an accident. Also, since raising horses is expensive, the loss of one due to premature death can be costly. Additionally, treatment for accidents and horse illnesses can go into the thousands of dollars, especially if the horse needs colic surgery.
That's why it may be a good idea to insure your horse against the potential high cost of vet care. There are insurance companies out there that offer coverage for foals, yearlings, stallions, mares and geldings of all breeds. Some horse pet insurance may come with exclusions so choose your plan carefully. Ask your vet what kind of illness your horse breed might commonly deveop and consider this when choosing your coverage specifics.



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