Pet insurance companies should be backed by solid underwriters

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How do I know if my pet insurance is reputable?

Pet insurance companies should be backed by solid underwriters

Insurance companies must be backed by an underwriter. The company that serves as an underwriter is responsible if the company needs support paying claims and the like. Underwriters carefully consider an insurance company before they back it. They are hoping that claims filed against the company will not exceed the premiums paid. For this reason, underwriters must be reputable and have a strong history in making good decisions.

When buying pet insurance, you should research what company underwrites the insurance. If that company does not have a good rating, it may be a sign that the coverage will not be worthwhile. You can find out about underwriter ratings online or by calling your state Department of Insurance.
You should also consider how long your pet insurer has been in business. This doesn't mean that newer companies can't be trusted. But, in general, if a company has a long and successful history, it might be a better choice.



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