Getting Cat Pet Insurance

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Getting Cat Pet Insurance

Now that you have adopted a new cat it is time to decide whether or not to invest in cat pet insurance. While it may seem expensive, cat pet insurance is really an investment. The best plans will cover not only routine examinations, spaying or neutering and vaccinations, but also accidents, injuries and diseases. Of course, the premiums on the best pet insurance will be higher than the premiums on mediocre coverage, but when it comes time to use your coverage for a large claim you will be glad that you have good coverage. Veterinary bills for cancer treatments can range into the thousands of dollars very easily and you will find that your coverage pays for itself very quickly in these circumstances. Regardless of which plan you choose, there are few things that all plans have in common. First, you will always have to pay the bill upfront and then get reimbursed after the fact. Second, no matter how good your cat pet insurance is it will not cover any preexisting conditions. Third, you can use any veterinarian you want as long as he is licensed; however, you may want to discuss your options with your vet and get his opinion on the best plan for you and your pet.



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