How to find and compare pet insurance companies

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How to find and compare pet insurance companies

Last month a Labrador puppy was carried into an emergency clinic at 3am. New to this world, he had internal bleeding from eating clam shells. The Labrador was in agony. Luckily the family had pet insurance to cover emergency X-Rays that without insurance would be $400.00 per scan, then life-saving surgery at $1,700.00, and recovery care at $250.00. The total bill without pet insurance would have been $2,350.00; the total bill with pet insurance $735.00.

Even routine healthcare visits can add-up. On average, owners spent per year $225.00 on non-emergency visits1. This amount can be reduced with a quality pet insurance company.

How to find a pet insurance company:

First, inventory lifestyle:
1. Age
2. Indoor or Outdoor
3. Working or Sedentary

Next, discuss health issues with your dog's veterinarian:
1. Allergies
2. Urinary, kidney, heart health
3. Eye sight, hearing

Then, ask for recommendations from veterinarians, friends, and colleagues, and search the world wide web.

Now you are prepared to compare. Draft a spread sheet to ensure all questions are covered with all contenders. Note - some pet insurers have age limits to qualify for coverage; your dog may have too many birthdays for coverage.

Make sure policies detail coverage of your concerns and that you understand those instances where your dog is not covered or can lose coverage.

Finally, relax knowing you did the right thing for your dog.



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