Dog Health Insurance Covers Your Pet in Difficult Times

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Dog Health Insurance Covers Your Pet in Difficult Times

According to the Humane Society of the United States, dog owners spend $225 on routine care (vaccines and well visits) annually. This does not include costs you will incur each year for things you can’t plan: accidents and illnesses.

It doesn’t matter what breed or age your pet is, he or she is not immune from becoming sick or injured. A quick dash out the door to chase a bird can lead to disaster. A life threatening illness can be picked up during a daily walk around the neighborhood.

Dog health insurance gives you peace of mind that if an unexpected illness or injury happens, you’ll be able to afford the expense of veterinary treatment. The value of insurance is priceless when something unthinkable happens.

No one wants to watch a furry friend suffer, or be faced with a decision to put an animal down because of finances. Protect your canine companion. Insurance is affordable for anyone’s budget and assures you that you’ll be able to seek the best medical care possible at any given moment.



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