Pet Health Insurance

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Pet Health Insurance

Several insurance companies will insure pet on your policy. There are also agencies, mostly online, that will give you pet health insurance for your pets. Not every pet can be covered however. Many insurance companies decide whether your pet will be insured based off of the breed of your pet and their known genetic health issues that generally arise in that breed. Some breeds like Pit bull dogs and Himalayan cats won't be insured because Pit bulls have a tendency to turn on their owners if mistreated and Himalayan cats have breathing problems that mean they will need more health care than, say, a tabby cat would.

Many insurance companies won't insure your pet if you bring them in later in their life and ask for insurance. If you do not insure your pet when they are a young, an insurance agent may be skeptical of the reason you are just now bringing in your pet to be insured. Not all procedures are covered by pet health insurance. For instance, if it a procedure that is considered routine like yearly rabies shots, it is unlikely that your pet's health insurance will cover it because it is routine. In other cases, if your dog swallows your son's toy car, like any other medical insurance, you will have to pay a deductible up to a certain percentage of the total cost of the procedure and then the insurance company will cover the rest.

Make sure that you ask your insurance provider about pet health care information so that you know what will be covered and what won't.



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