Does Your Pet Insurance Cover Dog Surgery?

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Does Your Pet Insurance Cover Dog Surgery?

Not all pet insurance is created equal. Some insurance will not cover dog surgery, but only routine care, vaccinations and illnesses. If your dog needs dog cataract surgery and you have been paying for years on a policy only to discover it is not covered, you will be frustrated and upset. It is important to understand upfront what your policy covers because once you get a policy it can be difficult to change. This is because pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Once you start to compare pet insurance you will see that there really are huge difference in the plans. You will find many plans that are comprehensive and cover everything: vaccinations, routine care, illness and dog surgery. There will be a co-payment for each procedure, but in the event of a large surgery like dog cataract surgery, you will find that the coverage really pays for itself. Having pet insurance can make the difference in deciding to get dog surgery that will improve the quality of life of your pet and it will bring you peace of mind knowing that you can afford procedures that come up whether planned for or in an emergency.



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