How To Know If Your Cat Has Ring Worms

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How To Know If Your Cat Has Ring Worms

Ringworms are a fungal infection that occurs whenever your cat digs in infected soil or is has skin contact with an infected animal or human. It is easy to see cat ring worms. There are several ways in which they will appear. First, look for a circular patter on your cat’s head or limbs. Secondly, look for patchy areas of bald skin where the skin will appear dry, flaky or itchy. Third, look for red pimples or bumps that spread out in the shape of an oval. If you have an ultraviolet light you can shine it on any of these things and if your cat has ring worms, 50% of the time they will glow a fluorescent green color. However, since only 50% of the strains will appear, this is not a fool proof method. So, whenever you see any of the signs of ring worms, your best bet is to take your cat to a vet so that they can have their lab do a cat hair culture in order to determine exactly what type of fungus is present and how to properly treat it.



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