Cat Worms

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Cat Worms

Purchasing a pet health plan when your cat is still a kitten is the best thing that you could do for them. Most insurance companies won't insure your pet when they get over a certain age because there are multiple health problems that can and do occur in some breeds. If you get insurance for your pet when they are young, you can help prevent many health issues before they arise.

Cat worms are serious business. When a cat has worms, the worms eat everything that the cat does so they are left with no nutrients and can die from this. If you notice that your cat has worms, take them to the vet immediately for treatment. They will be given a shot to kill off the worms.

Checking for worms is easy, inspect the litter box regularly when you clean it out. Make sure that none of your cat's leavings look like they have rice in them, if they do, your cat has worms. Purchasing an over the counter de-wormer can help your cat in maintaining healthy digestion. Give your cat this treatment once a month to help prevent worms.



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