Dog Ring Worms and How to Treat It

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Dog Ring Worms and How to Treat It

Dog ring worms is a common type of fungus that can also affect cats and humans. In fact, ring worms are easily transmitted to pet owners. If necessary, ring worms will heal on its own in just a few months. If your dog has this uncomfortable condition, there are ways you can treat him in order to speed up the process. Read on for more information about dog ring worms and how to provide treatment to your beloved pooch.

It's easier for dogs to contract ring worms in climates that are hot and humid, but for some unknown reason the majority of ring worm cases occur during the fall and winter months. Dogs with this infection can release fungus spores into the air when they shed their hair. The spores can also infect grooming brushes, dog bedding or other areas that a dog may touch. These spores can live up to 18 months.

If your little Fido has ring worms, you will find small round lesions on his body. These lesions will be hairless and will have scaly patches of skin in the center. Dog ring worms are typically found on the legs, feet, tail and head. In order to treat this condition, the hair surrounding the lesions are clipped as close to the skin as possible. Anti-fungal creams and shampoos are applied to the dog in order to kill the infection. Natural treatments include treating the dog with a topical application of tea tree oil and Neem oil.



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