Kitten Health Dental Care

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Kitten Health Dental Care

Periodontitis is a cat health issue that begins as gingivitis in kittens. It is not the only dental disease that can be a cat health issue however. Endodontic lesions, periapical abscesses and fractured teeth can become a cat health issue. Diagnostic tests and x-rays may be needed to properly diagnose some dental problems.
Proper dental care is essential. This includes brushing your kittens teeth. The younger the kitten is when you start this kitten health care dental plan, the easier it will be to get your kitten to cooperate.
Feeding dry cat food instead of moist food can play a big role in kitten health. Dry food can help remove both tartar and plaque from your kitten or cat's teeth. Sugars found in the carbohydrates of some types of kitten and cat foods can also lead to dental problems.
Discuss dental cat health issue concerns with your veterinarian. Ask what products to give your kitten to promote dental health in kittens and cats. Some signs of possible problems will be obvious to you such as bad breath, poor appetite, loss of teeth and bleeding gums.
Other signs of dental disease such as gum recession or ulcers in the mouth may not be as noticeable. This is why regular check-ups from your veterinarian will help avoid potential kitten health problems that can become a cat health issue.



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