Feline Dental Disease

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Feline Dental Disease

Cat dental is an important issue that many people overlook. There are millions of cats diagnosed with having feline dental disease each year, and each year hundreds of thousands of cats go untreated.

Tartar buildup is the most common dental problem in cats, something that can easily be treated by brushing your cats teeth regularly. When a cat has an excess of tartar build up on their teeth, it causes irritation to the gums and will eventually expose the roots of the teeth. This can cause their teeth to fall out or become infected, making it so that your cat cannot eat.

Diet of a cat does not have a very significant role in your cat's dental care. It is more about how often you clean their teeth. A professional cleaning should happen at least once a year. Toothbrushes and toothpaste specifically designed for cats can be purchased at your vet's office. Cat toothpaste is usually salmon or tuna flavored. A cat toothbrush looks very similar to the rubber mail sorters that you put on your thumb. They have little rubber brushes that your cat should chew on to get the toothpaste off and clean their teeth.

Feline dental disease can be an indication that your cat has feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency disease. If a cat suffers from dental disease, a veterinarian knows to check for these other diseases. If your cat suffers from very bad breath, is having problems eating or has a change in temperament, take your cat in and ask about dental disease.



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