Understanding And Identifying Tapeworms

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Understanding And Identifying Tapeworms

Almost every cat will get tapeworms at some point in their lifetime. Cat tape worms are an internal parasite that can be very troublesome and thus needs to be treated as soon as possible. Before you put your cat through any form of treatment though, you will need to know what to look for. Usually parts of the tapeworm will be found in the cat’s stool or in their hair around their anal region. They will look like a large grain of rice or a small pasta noodle so they can be easily seen by your naked eye. If you see this, collect a sample of their stool to take to your veterinarian who will be able to identify them on sight. They may still want to do a fecal exam in order to confirm that tapeworms are present, especially true if this is the first time that your cat has ever had any type of a tapeworm infestation. This will get you on your way to having a healthy cat again.



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