The Benign Cat Tumor

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Can a vet tell without surgery if a cat tumor is benign?

The Benign Cat Tumor

If your cat has a benign tumor, it means the mass of the tumor is not cancerous. If it is malignant, then the tumor is cancerous. Tumors can occur in just about any area of a cat's body, too.

Diagnosing a tumor may mean doing a biopsy to see if the growth is malignant. Most pet accident insurance companies cover the cost of biopsies along with cancer treatment and surgery. If your cat's tumor is benign, surgery may not be necessary, although your vet may recommend it if the tumor is large or irritating other areas.

Surgery may be necessary if the tumor cannot be biopsied for some reason. In that case, the vet will probably remove the tumor, even if it is benign. Most pet accident insurance companies will cover the cost of this type of exploratory surgery, too.



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