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Dog Tape Worms

Dog Tape Worms or "Dipylidium Caninum"(their scientific name) is a parasite that can be found in the small intestine of a dog. They can grow to 20cm long and they have hook like mouths that they can hook themselves onto the dog's intestinal walls. Dogs can get worms by eating fleas off of their own body. After being eaten, the fleas break down in the body and the cysticercoids (larvae) develop into worms in dogs. When the worms develop tails, they break off and you can find them near the dogs anus or in their feces. (they look like small grains of rice) Dogs mainly get this from fleas, but can also get them by eating small rodents or lizards. It is easy to treat this by going to your vet and getting a pill that will kill the tapeworms and it also leaves little side effects. you can regularly get dog de-worming from your vet, but it is really important to keep the fleas away. There are many good flea treatments that are natural and stronger ones that are prescribed by your Vet. Take these actions to have a healthy, happy wormless dog for a very long time.


Proper Feeding To Ensure Your Pet's Optimal Health

It is imperative to your pet health that you feed your dog a very high quality dog food. This should either be a raw diet that is commercially available via pet stores or a human grade dry food. If you decide to feed your dog a commercial dog food, you will want to make sure that somewhere on the package it clearly states that, “This food has been proven to be nutritionally complete or adequate for all life stages.” Otherwise you should opt for either a puppy food when you have a young dog or an adult dog food for older dogs. Regardless of what type of commercial dog food you purchase, you will want to look to ensure that it is AAFCO certified. This basically means that it meets the industry’s standards. On the other hand, if you opt for a human grade dog food, it will usually come in a can. This type of dog food will have a high moisture content, which will help encourage your dog to urinate properly so as not to develop a urinary tract infection.

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