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Can I find kitten insurance for my new pet?

Kitten Health and Insurance

Kittens are adorable, and into everything around the house. They are inquisitive and fearless, and that can lead to accidents such as falls, broken bones, cuts, and other health issues. They also need a variety of vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and general kitten health care. If the cost of kitten health care seems prohibitive, then a kitten insurance policy may be just the thing for your new pet. Kittens as young as six- to eight-weeks-old are eligible for kitten insurance policies with many companies, and insuring kitty early is a good way to help guarantee a long and healthy, happy life.

Should I have my kitten declawed?

Declawing a Kitten

Declawing kittens used to be a very common procedure, especially for indoor cats. However, today declawing is a controversial cat health issue that many cat insurance plans do not cover.

Essentially, declawing removes the cat's claw, but the surgery also amputates the end toe bone joint of each toe. Those who oppose declawing think it is cruel because it is extremely painful. The surgery requires anesthesia, which can be dangerous for some cats, and there have also been cases of excessive bleeding and infection in some instances. Because it is an elective surgery, rather than necessary for health, most kitten insurance policies do not cover the procedure.

If you're considering declawing your cat, talk to your pet insurance provider

Isn't it too expensive to insure multiple cats with cat insurance policies?

The Multi-Cat Household

Are you worried about the health and well-being of your multi-cat household? Even if your cats stay indoors, they can pass some diseases between them.

Most cat insurance policies offer discounts for multiple cat families. The first policy is issued at the regular plan rate, while additional polices are issued at a discounted rate. This is helpful for families who have multiple pets or even a mixture of pets, such as dogs, cats, and birds, for example. Many companies offer policy coverage for birds and exotic pets, so be sure to ask about coverage for all your pets when you ask for a quote from any cat insurance company.

Can I obtain cat pet insurance if my cat has a pre-existing medical condition?

Pre-existing Conditions in Cats

Even if your cat has a pre-existing medical condition, you may still be able to obtain cat pet insurance coverage. Many companies require a waiting period of six months for coverage to begin, as long as the cat's condition is balanced and/or under control. Some companies refuse to cover pets with pre-existing or terminal illnesses, so it's a good idea to shop around for the best cat insurance policy that will meet your specific needs. Ask about pre-existing conditions before you obtain a policy. You may need information from your veterinarian too, regarding treatment and control measures. Insuring a pet early in life will help ensure medical conditions are covered if they arise.


Getting Cat Pet Insurance

Now that you have adopted a new cat it is time to decide whether or not to invest in cat pet insurance. While it may seem expensive, cat pet insurance is really an investment. The best plans will cover not only routine examinations, spaying or neutering and vaccinations, but also accidents, injuries and diseases. Of course, the premiums on the best pet insurance will be higher than the premiums on mediocre coverage, but when it comes time to use your coverage for a large claim you will be glad that you have good coverage. Veterinary bills for cancer treatments can range into the thousands of dollars very easily and you will find that your coverage pays for itself very quickly in these circumstances. Regardless of which plan you choose, there are few things that all plans have in common. First, you will always have to pay the bill upfront and then get reimbursed after the fact. Second, no matter how good your cat pet insurance is it will not cover any preexisting conditions. Third, you can use any veterinarian you want as long as he is licensed; however, you may want to discuss your options with your vet and get his opinion on the best plan for you and your pet.


Reasons for Refusal of Cheap Cat Insurance

Not every kitty can get cheap cat insurance. There are several companies that won't give you cheap cat insurance for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons make sense to most people, and other times there really is no basis to the decision. Here are some of the many reasons that a cat would be denied insurance.

Often times, an insurance company will assess the cat based on the breed. If it is a cat that requires a lot of maintenance or suffers from many potential health issues, such as Napoleons, Munchkins, or Persians, the breed is likely to be denied unless you find insurance through a breeder or the National Cat Fancier's Association.

If your cat is older when you try to purchase cheap cat insurance for him, it is unlikely that any insurance company is going to help you. A company doesn't want to insure a cat that is bound to start having health issues or will die soon. They would much rather insure a cat that is young and sprightly whom has a long life ahead of him.

There are some cats that are known for being a more aggressive breed. These cats are not banned from people owning them, but just like dogs, because of their aggressive nature it is in the insurance agency's best interest not to give you cheap cat insurance for them. Some of these cat include the bob cat, lynx, some Siamese, and the Sphinx.


Cat Health Care Tips

Responsible pet owners know the importance of cat health care from the very start. It is unwise to own a pet if you will not be able to properly care for them for their entire life. This means, de-fleaing them, cutting out belly mats and dealing with paw issues. If possible, see if your insurance company offers kitten insurance for your little pet so that they will be covered if the need arises.

Cat paws are a very sensitive area that should be well taken care of. From a very early age, train your cat to allow you to handle his paws. Gently massage his pads until his toes spread and you can inspect for burrs or cuts that may cause them to limp or chew on their feet.

Clipping a cats claws are equally important as inspecting their feet. If the claws get too long, they will start to dig into their pads causing severe damage that can hurt them and make them limp. If you cat doesn't like to have their claws trimmed, try throwing a towel over him so that he can't see what's going on. Clip only what is necessary.

Why are kittens more susceptible to illness and disease?

A Kitten's Immune System

While kittens are growing, their immune systems are still maturing and forming, which means they are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. As they mature into adult cats, their nutritional needs change, and so do their bodies. Even after their immune systems mature, young cats are susceptible to accidents, illnesses, and injuries in their daily lives. That's why it's important to think about your kitten's health needs right away. Kittens are more active than older cats, and more susceptible to injuries, and their immature immune systems may not be able to fight off illness and infection as easily as a more mature cat might. Insuring kittens might not seem important, but it's actually the best time to enroll your pet in a lifelong cat health care program.

What happens if my kitten gets injured or sick away from home?

Traveling With Your Kitten

Traveling with kittens and other pets is become increasingly popular, and it's even easier with travel accessories created especially for pets on the go, such as carry-on bags for airlines, and guide books that cover pet-friendly resorts and destinations. Covering your kitten with an insurance policy means peace of mind while you're on the road, and you can obtain cat health pet health insurance before you begin your travels.

Kitten insurance is available for all 50 states and Canada, and any veterinarian can help your animals in an emergency, according to most plans. Purchasing cat pet health insurance before you leave on your trip ensures your kitten (and all your pets) will be covered in case of injury or sickness far from home, and ensures your own peace of mind.

How can I make sure the online cat health advice I receive is high-quality advice?

Cat Health Advice Online

If you're looking for cat health advice, there are numerous sites online that offer information, home symptom and diagnosis tools. There are even online vets who offer advice over the Internet.

Some cat insurance providers also offer veterinary references, and even help you find a local vet if you're new to an area, or on vacation. When you look for cat health advice online, make sure you choose information from a reputable source, and if you can, learn the credentials of the online advisor. Some sites offer advice from non-professionals and the general public, while others offer advice from pet health professionals. Choose a site with a professional who has knowledge about a wide variety of pets and pet health issues to ensure you are getting quality advice.

Aren't all cat health insurance policies pretty much the same?

Preventative Cat Health Care

Not all cat insurance policies are created equal. Some cover routine medical check-ups and preventative care, such as heartworm medications, while others do not. Many also have caps on the dollar amounts they will cover for certain illnesses or diseases. Most companies offer comparisons between the plans they offer and the terms of those plans. For the best value, look for cat health insurance plans that cover a variety of illnesses and preventative cat health care, and low deductibles for these services. Deductibles can also vary widely between policies, so make sure you understand all the coverage, deductibles, and clauses in your policy before you sign on the dotted line.

Why should I purchase health insurance for my indoor cat?

Indoor Cat Pet Insurance

Indoor cats can suffer from many of the same illnesses as outdoor cats. They also face other health and safety issues, such as falls from furniture, burns from stoves or fireplaces, swallowing foreign objects, and a host of other indoor maladies. So, insuring your indoor cat against accidents and disease just makes good sense for your cat. Many companies offer specific cat insurance polices just for indoor cats that include coverage for check-ups and health maintenance visits. Indoor cats live longer than cats allowed outdoors, so cat health insurance makes sense for indoor cats, too.

Your kitten's a very special member of your family isn't it? Does she have a pet insurance plan to protect her?

Everyone in the family's insured...but what about Miracle? Isn't she family too?

Friends call your adorable Siamese kitten, whom you've so lovingly named Miracle your fifth baby, isn't it? Playful scamp, mischievous imp and adorable pet...You love her so much. She is truly a very special member of your family.

But...what if she gets a bit too naughty, like most kittens do. What if she gets injured and needs immediate hospitalization? The hospital bills can add up to quite a bit isn't it? Hate to ask you this..what if you found it tough to pay the bills? You are already working over time to pay the high school fees for your four kids.

Just think, if you got Miracle insured, during her kitten days, you can give Miracle the best possible protection and care, every single day of her life at a cost that could work out to less than even a dollar a day.

You can get a pet cat insurance for Miracle right now. It's easy. It's quick and you don't even have to travel. Many pet insurance providers have made it really simple now for you to get a pet cat insurance plan for your kitten. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call up the pet insurance provider. Alternatively, you can save Miracle's life with just a few mouse clicks. Yes, you can even get Miracle's pet cat insurance plan done online.

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