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What kind of riders can I get for my pet health care plan, and what do they cost?

What Pet Insurance Riders and Add-ons Can Cost

Many companies offer additional benefits that can increase limits on some types of treatment. For example, some companies cover cancer treatments, but offer more options for treatment and diagnosis. Often, these "riders" are very inexpensive, less than $100 per year, and have no limits to the number of treatments or dollar value of the treatments. Add-ons also include wellness packages that cover prescriptions, vet check-ups, and vaccinations, or even upgrades that include comprehensive coverage in one pet health care plan.

There are dental plans and only accident policies available, too. Finding the right combination of riders can mean more comprehensive care for your pets at just the right time.

What should I look for when I compare pet insurance care policies?

Comparing Pet Insurance Costs

With so many pet insurance companies offering different types of policies, it just makes sense to compare pet insurance care costs between companies. Most all pet insurance companies have websites that offer their rates, services, and coverage options and exclusions.

Check out several of these sites before making a decision. Don't simply compare costs - low cost pet insurance may seem more attractive, but it may not include all the options your pets need. Compare types of coverage, deductibles, and how much insurance companies pay on claims. For example, some companies only pay 80 percent of the claim, while others pay the full amount minus the deductible.

The low cost of a policy may not always tell the real story, so compare value, benefits, and actual costs before you choose the policy for you and your pets.

Why do pet care insurance costs seem to vary so much?

Pet Insurance Costs Can Vary

Pet care insurance costs can vary by the age, physical condition, and even location (indoor or outdoor) of the pet. However, there are other variables that can add to or reduce the cost of a policy. Some policies include coverage for wellness, such as vaccinations and examinations, while others do not. If your pet has special health care concerns, many companies offer additional riders (such as a cancer rider) to ensure your pet is fully covered. Be sure you understand all the benefits available to you when you sign up for a pet care insurance policy, and make a note of benefits that might be applicable in the future.

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You can get your pet insured for as little as 23 cents a day

Pet insurance costs generally work out to a very nominal amount.It's especially relevant when you compare the amount you spend each year on veterinary visits, prescription medicines and diets, pet food, shampoos, toys and surprise gifts for your pets.

To give you an example of the kind of costs you may incur on a good pet insurance plan. Early this year, the ASPCA announced a pet insurance plan that offers you quality insurance at just 23 cents a day. Similarly, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company too offers a decent pet insurance plan that can work out to less than a dollar per day.

The cost of your pet insurance plan will vary with the kind of pet you have and the conditions for which you would like to have your pet insured against. Of course, if your precious pet happens to be a prize winning thoroughbred race horse, and if you want to get a pet insurance plan that gives lifetime coverage for a million dollars, then the amount of premium you will have to pay can work out to a few thousands of dollars each year. So, it all depends.

However, for most people who just want to get a pet insurance for their pets which covers most of the common conditions and routine procedures like vaccination, annual health checks, spays and neuters, the cost of the pet insurance plan will work out to a few hundred dollars per year,depending on the pet insurance plan that you opt for.

What new breakthroughs have occurred in pet health care?

New Breakthroughs in Pet Health Care Add to Costs

New breakthroughs in pet health care are happening every day. Today, your pet can receive aggressive, live-saving treatment for a wide variety of cancers, heart conditions, and many other illnesses.

Pets with heart problems can have echocardiogram procedures completed to show the exact condition of their hearts and cardiovascular systems. Because these treatments are new, they can often be extremely expensive to perform. Pet health care plans ensure you can afford to take advantage of the finest treatment available for your pet's needs.

Can I get quotes before I decide on a pet health care plan?

Get a Quote Before You Decide

Most pet health care companies offer quick, online quotes for your specific pet's needs. Before you enroll in any plan, get a quick quote, and compare quotes from several other companies, too. You'll notice each quote will be a little bit different, even if they seem the same at first glance.

Don't sign up with the first company you find. Do some research to find out how long the company has been in business; what their customers say about them, and most importantly, how they pay on claims, and how quickly. All of these things should be taken into final consideration after you receive quotes and decide on the pet health care plan that's right for you.

I rent my home. Can I find a pet health care plan for my needs?

Pet Insurance for Renters and Special Needs

If you rent your home or have special needs, there are still pet health care plans for you that you can afford. Renters insurance includes damages caused by your pet, paid to a third party such as the property owner. Those who train or own service animals also can receive discounts, especially if the dog serves as a companion and service animal for a person with special needs. Not all companies offer all plans, so you have to shop around to find the plan that's right for you.

What kind of discounts to many pet care insurance companies offer to lower the cost of insurance?

Pet Insurance Discounts

When shopping for pet care insurance, low cost insurance is certainly the goal of just about every shopper. One way to save money is to look for companies who offer discounts. Most companies offer discounts if you have more than one pet. Others offer discounts if the pet has a microchip tracking device that is recorded with a national tracking firm. Others offer discounts for service dogs, like Seeing Eye dogs or other service animals. Still others offer discounts or bonuses when your first sign up for your pet care insurance.

To keep costs low, make sure you tell your representative about anything that might make a difference, such as number of pets, etc. These discounts can add up to quickly make pet care insurance more low cost and affordable for more pet owners.

What kind of service charges should I watch out for when I shop for pet care insurance?

Service Charges in Pet Insurance Policies

Make sure you understand all the costs of your pet care insurance policy. That cheap pet insurance you signed up for on a whim may not be so cheap after all. Some companies charge a service fee if you pay your premium every month instead of annually. Others require annual health care visits for your pet or your policy can lapse. Also, some policies do not include wellness or prescription coverage, and so, you'll need to spend extra to fully cover your pet.

In addition, some policies simply do not cover routine wellness visits to the vet, at any cost. Those will come directly out of your pocket along with any insurance premiums you pay. Be sure to shop around and compare pet care insurance policies before you pick one. Cheap pet insurance may end up costing you more in the long run.

How can not having pet care insurance change the life of my pet?

The High Cost of Not Having Pet Insurance

Sure, premiums on pet care insurance can be high, and some policies don't cover all illnesses and health issues. On the other hand, if your pet has a catastrophic illness, pet care insurance can literally save their life. If you cannot afford life-saving surgery or cancer treatments, you may choose to euthanize your pet. However, even with cheap pet insurance, most of your costs will be covered, and your pet will have access to life-saving treatments and medications.

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