Diabetes in Dogs

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My dog has diabetes, is it serious?

Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes can occur in both dogs and cats, and often occurs later in life as the dog ages. The most common type of diabetes is diabetes mellitus (DM), where the dog's body cannot regulate blood sugar levels.

Diabetes can be deadly if it is not managed. A dog's blood sugar can decline and the dog can go into diabetic shock and die. Some breeds seem especially predisposed to diabetes. They include the puli, keeshond, miniature pinscher, and Cairn terrier. Because of this, pet illness insurance may not cover diabetes treatment in these breeds. You should check with your pet illness insurance carrier to find out.

Diabetes can be managed. Some dogs will require insulin shots during the day that you can give your pet. A good diet also plays an important role in the overall health management of the dog. Some pet illness insurance policies will cover the cost of insulin or special food necessary to keep your dog healthy. Diabetes is a serious illness, but it can be maintained and monitored throughout your dog's life.



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