You can get your pet insured for as little as 23 cents a day

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You can get your pet insured for as little as 23 cents a day

Pet insurance costs generally work out to a very nominal amount.It's especially relevant when you compare the amount you spend each year on veterinary visits, prescription medicines and diets, pet food, shampoos, toys and surprise gifts for your pets.

To give you an example of the kind of costs you may incur on a good pet insurance plan. Early this year, the ASPCA announced a pet insurance plan that offers you quality insurance at just 23 cents a day. Similarly, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company too offers a decent pet insurance plan that can work out to less than a dollar per day.

The cost of your pet insurance plan will vary with the kind of pet you have and the conditions for which you would like to have your pet insured against. Of course, if your precious pet happens to be a prize winning thoroughbred race horse, and if you want to get a pet insurance plan that gives lifetime coverage for a million dollars, then the amount of premium you will have to pay can work out to a few thousands of dollars each year. So, it all depends.

However, for most people who just want to get a pet insurance for their pets which covers most of the common conditions and routine procedures like vaccination, annual health checks, spays and neuters, the cost of the pet insurance plan will work out to a few hundred dollars per year,depending on the pet insurance plan that you opt for.



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