Good pet insurance plans offer options.

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How do I tell if my plan is reputable?

Good pet insurance plans offer options.

The number of pet insurance plans has risen dramatically in recent years. One estimate found about 50,000 policies were offered ten years ago compared with nearly 400,000 policies issued in 2005. With so many plans out there, it's possible that some companies are not reputable. One way to decide if a company is a good choice is to ask whether they offer options.
You should be able to help 'design' your own coverage. For example, you can decide how much your deductible will be. That is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance begins to pay. Another option you might have is an add-on for a specific kind of coverage. That means you can pay a slightly higher monthly premium to have a specific type of covered added to your policy.
In general, more reputable companies offer options. Some companies may offer very low rates but not afford you any choices, so remember if a pet insurance plan seems to good to be true, you must research diligently to see if it fits your pet's needs.



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