Cat Health Care Tips

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Cat Health Care Tips

Responsible pet owners know the importance of cat health care from the very start. It is unwise to own a pet if you will not be able to properly care for them for their entire life. This means, de-fleaing them, cutting out belly mats and dealing with paw issues. If possible, see if your insurance company offers kitten insurance for your little pet so that they will be covered if the need arises.

Cat paws are a very sensitive area that should be well taken care of. From a very early age, train your cat to allow you to handle his paws. Gently massage his pads until his toes spread and you can inspect for burrs or cuts that may cause them to limp or chew on their feet.

Clipping a cats claws are equally important as inspecting their feet. If the claws get too long, they will start to dig into their pads causing severe damage that can hurt them and make them limp. If you cat doesn't like to have their claws trimmed, try throwing a towel over him so that he can't see what's going on. Clip only what is necessary.



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