Reasons for Refusal of Cheap Cat Insurance

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Reasons for Refusal of Cheap Cat Insurance

Not every kitty can get cheap cat insurance. There are several companies that won't give you cheap cat insurance for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons make sense to most people, and other times there really is no basis to the decision. Here are some of the many reasons that a cat would be denied insurance.

Often times, an insurance company will assess the cat based on the breed. If it is a cat that requires a lot of maintenance or suffers from many potential health issues, such as Napoleons, Munchkins, or Persians, the breed is likely to be denied unless you find insurance through a breeder or the National Cat Fancier's Association.

If your cat is older when you try to purchase cheap cat insurance for him, it is unlikely that any insurance company is going to help you. A company doesn't want to insure a cat that is bound to start having health issues or will die soon. They would much rather insure a cat that is young and sprightly whom has a long life ahead of him.

There are some cats that are known for being a more aggressive breed. These cats are not banned from people owning them, but just like dogs, because of their aggressive nature it is in the insurance agency's best interest not to give you cheap cat insurance for them. Some of these cat include the bob cat, lynx, some Siamese, and the Sphinx.



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