Bring Your Claim Forms

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Bring Your Claim Forms

If you have pet health insurance, one thing you can't forget to do is bring your claim forms with you to the veterinarian’s office when you visit for routine care. And, don’t just bring them with you and leave them in the car, but bring them into the office and make sure they are filled out properly before you leave. That way, you can immediately submit them to the insurance company when you return home. If you happen to forget them, you'll have to get them filled out later and remember to submit them after you've typically forgotten about the visit. Also, consider leaving blank claim forms in your car for such times when an emergency visit is required and you don't have time to find and grab them. In an emergency, you don't want to have to delay treatment for the time it takes to find the forms. If you plan on submitting the forms by mail, be sure to photocopy everything. However, faxing in the completed forms tends to result in quicker reimbursement. It won't change how much you get back, but at least you'll have your claim processed sooner.



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