Symptons of Cat Tumor

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Symptons of Cat Tumor

Cats are not only pets but a part of the family. As a pet owner, time will need to be made to take the pet to the veterinarian. Also, beware of changes in the cat's behavior on a daily basis. If you notice a change in your pet's behavior then there is a possibility of the cat having a condition like a cat tumor.

Most cats will exhibit a variety of symptoms when dealing with a tumor. Pet owners should be aware of ways to detect tumors in the early stages. Mast cell tumors are a common cancer that can affect animals like cats and dogs. Stroking and routine grooming will detect lumps on the cat's body. This method will not work for internal tumors.

The type of signs a cat may show will depend on the location of the cancerous tumor in the body. Also, some cancers will spread fast which is the reason for being aware of the symptoms. Common symptoms of cat tumors are difficulty breathing, foul body odor, constantly losing weight, lump on the skin and severe vomiting.

Many cat owners are dog owners, too. Mast cell tumor in dog is another condition to be aware of as a dog owner. If you are going to own a pet then you need to research information about cancers and medical conditions that could possibly affect your pet.



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