Dog Dental Care: Don't Neglect Your Friend's Teeth

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Dog Dental Care: Don't Neglect Your Friend's Teeth

It wasn't long ago that even the most conscientious dog owners overlooked the important task of dog dental care. For centuries, a good chew on a bone or a stick, and eventually a hard dry dog biscuit, was all a dog could hope for when it came to dental care.
But now we know much better. We want our beloved pets to lead long, happy and healthy lives. We groom them and take care of their regular medical preventive care. Make sure you add cleaning your dogs' teeth to your weekly list of to-do's! Not only will their breath be more pleasant, but you will be doing your best to prevent painful dental issues in the future! Broken teeth, cavities and gum issues happen to dogs, as well as to people. Even an old dog will learn new tricks, when a yummy flavored doggy tooth paste is used!
In addition to regular brushing and the occasional dog dental treat, be sure to have your veterinarian give your dog's teeth a thorough exam when you are there for your regular appointment. They may recommend a professional cleaning to remove plaque build-up and other pain and cost saving measures. It is far better to invest in this preventative measure now, than to have your dog suffer the agony of tooth loss, and you the financial burden of a major procedure.



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